Concrete, Paver Patio, Flagstone Patio, Block Walls, Flagstone Sidewalk

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Below are some samples of concrete patios, stamped concrete, flagstone patios, acrylic overlay, pavers or paver patio, stained concrete patio, and block walls custom built and installed by Arizona Living Landscaping Arizona serving Phoenix, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, & Anthem Merrill Ranch.

Front courtyard with paver patio, walkway, custom gate, cultured stone and planters

Front courtyard with fountain and paver patio

Paver Patio with Tumbled Pavers
Paver Patio Design paver contractor

Raised Paver Patio with steps and lighting

Block Pony Wall Planter 2 levels with rounded edges and lights

Raised Planter bed/Pony Wall with rounded edges & lights

Paver Patio with Gazebo

Paver Driveway Ribbons & Sidwalk with Paver Lights in the Pavers

Acrylic Overlay Flagstone Sidewalk one color flagstone plus grout -stained concrete
acrylic overaly fake flagstone look arizona aquatic landscaping

Real Flagstone Patio and Flagstone Sidewalk custom installation with Arizona Flagstone concreted in and grouted.

Real Flagstone Patio and Flagstone Sidewalk

Stone -Granite Entrance Way
granite stone patio arizona aquatic landscaping

Stone – Granite stairs
granite stone sidewalk stairs arizona aquatic landscaping

Paver Sidewalk

Flagstone Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio Arizona
stamped concrete

Flagstone Sidewalk

Flagstone Sidewalk

Stamped Concrete patio AZ with Built in BBQ topped with Flagstone

Stamped concrete patio

Flagstone Sidewalk


Concrete pedestals with planters and stone steps

Corner planter box
corner planter box

Paver Patio – 2 size pavers poolside

Block Dog Run with Iron Gate and Flagstone Sidewalk
dog run with gate

Entrance pilasters out of block with glass block around to for lights

block pylasters desert

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