Arizona Winter Vegetable Planting Guide

Arizona winter vegetable planting chart guide. Arizona desert has two planting seasons for vegetables. We can plant them in spring and fall for year round vegetables. Use this vegetable planting guide to plan your winter vegetable garden. Use Arizona planting calendar to choose planting date. This is a wonderful resource to get started.

Fall/Winter Garden Planting Calendar S = SEEDS T= TRANSPLANT
& FruitsTime115115115115115115
Artichokes, Globe1 yearT
Artichokes, Jerusalem6-8 monthsT
Asparagus1-2 yearsTTTTTT
Beans, Snap60-90 daysSSSSS
Beets60-80 daysSSSSSSSSS
Bok Choy45 daysSSSSSSSSSSS
BroccoliT= 90-100 S=120-130 daysSSTSTSTSTSTSTSTST ST
Brussel SproutsT=100-120 S=130-150 daysTSTSTSTSTT
CabbageT= 80-90 S=120-130 daysSTSTSTSTSTSTSTSTST
Cabbage, ChineseT= 45 days S=70-80 daysSTSTSTSTSTSTSTSTST
Carrots60-100 daysSSSSSSSSSSSS
CauliflowerT= 90-100 S=120-130 daysSTSTSTSTSTSTSTSTSTST
Celery120-150 daysSTSTSTS
Collard Green80 daysSSSSSSSSSSS
Corn, Sweet70-90 daysSS
Cucumbers60-90 daysSSS
Endive80-120 daysSSSSS
Kale60-90 daysSSSSSSS
KohlrabiT=30-40 S=50-60 daysSSSSTSTSTSTTTT
Lettuce, Head50-100 daysSSTSTSTSTSTSTSTSTSTS
Leek180-200 daysSSSSSS
Mustard35-45 daysSSSSSSSSSSS
Onions, BulbSets=4-5 S=7-8 monthsSSS
Onion, Green90-100 daysSSSSSSSSSSSS
Parsnips100-120 daysSS
PeasSept=60-120 Nov=120-150 daysSSSSSSS
Potatoes90-120 daysSS
Radishes40-60 daysSSSSSSSS
Rutabagas100-120 daysSSSSS
Spinach40-90 daysSSSSSSS
Squash, Summer60-90 daysS
Tomatoes50-120 daysT
Turnips90-120 daysSSSSSSSS
Note: Planting dates are suggested guidelines. Weather conditions vary from year to year and planting dates should be adjusted accordingly.