Arizona Plants Guide

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The AMWUA is a good resource for Arizona Desert Plants and Trees.

Another great resource for plant information and the Arizona Desert is from AMWUA

yellow-lady-bank-rose Queen Creek, AZ
R. banksiae lutea
Lady Banks Yellow Rose Vine Evergreen vine that blooms in spring for 2-4 weeks. Grows in most conditions and soils. Great for covering a wall or trellis. No thorns.  This vine will grow up to 20 feet high and wide, and is hardy to 10 degrees F.
Caesalpinia mexicana
Mexican Bird of Paradise
Its lush, ferny compound leaves provide a dark green backdrop for the bright yellow flower spikes that appear on the branch tips during the warm season.  Fast grower 10-15 feet tall and spreads to 15 feet wide. The Mexican bird of paradise can be grown as a small tree or pruned to keep it a shrub.  Great winter option for color.
Hopseed BushDodonaea viscosa
Hopseed Bush
Hopseed is a slow-growing evergreen shrub that can grow 12 – 15 ft. tall  and wide. Blooms yellow flowers in spring and fall. Ideal xeriscape plant in Phoenix.   It can be grown as an informal hedge or a patio tree.
Yellow bird of paradise
Caesalpinia gilliesii
Yellow Bird of Paradise
red-bird-of-paradise-Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Red Bird of Paradise

Valentine BushEremophila maculata “Valentine Bush”
Full sun rounded evergreen shrub
Red flowers in winter 4′ x 4′
Blue RuelliaBlue Ruelliaangelita_daisy
Angelita Daisy
Full sun evergreen with yellow flowers spring & summer. Clumping Accent plant 4″x6″
Cape HoneysuckleCape Honeysuckle
Full sun to partial shade fast growing evergreen.
6-8′ tall with orange flowers
Bottle Brush
Full sun to partial shade, evergreen shrub.
Gold Lantana
Full sun medium growth spreading shrub
18″-24″tall x 4′ wide
Radiation Lantana
Full sun medium growth spreading shrub
4′ tall x 4′ wide
Yellow Bell BushArizona Yellow BellMexican HoneysuckleMexican Honeysuckle
Blue Plumbago
red_hibiscus_bushRed Hibiscus Bush
Sun to partial shade evergreen with large dark red flowers in spring. 3-6″ tall
Bicolor Iris
Fire Cracker Bush
sunset_hibiscusSunset Hibiscus Bushpygmy date palmPygmy Date Palm Large
Small palm, slow growing, salt tolerant, moderate water, low maintenance.
pygmy_date_palmPygmy Date Palm Smallboxwood-beautyBoxwood Beauty
Bougainvillea Bush
Bougainvillea Bush
Bougainvillea Vine
Bougainvillea Vine
Brittle Bush
Deer Grass
Deer Grass
Desert Spoon
Desert Marigolds
Desert Marigold
Fountain Grass
Fountain Grass
Japanese Boxwood Bush
Japanese Boxwood
Shade to partial shade slow growing evergreen
3′ x 3′
Katie Ruellia
Full sun fast growing evergreen shrub.
1′ tall x 2′ wide
Morning Glory Bush
Full sun medium growth evergreen with white flowers spring/summer.
Red Fairy Duster
Full sun medium growth evergreen flowers during warm months.
4’tall x 6′ wide
Red Yucca
Red Yucca
Ruellia Chi Chi
Texas Sage
Trailing Rosemary
Orange Jubilee

Orange Jubilee Flower
Myoporum Parvifolium
Fast spreading groundcover.  8″ H to 20′ wide. Small white flowers bloom in summer.  Can be kept small with trimming.  Also comes in dwarf type.
Fox Tail Fern
Asoaragys Densiflorus Meyersii
Medium growing mouding evergreen. 24″ t x2.5′ w.  Has tiny white flowers and berries.  Does best with afternoon shade.
Chihuahuan Sage Bush
Fast growing evergreen shrub.  Full sun and reflevtive heat.  Drought tolerant.  Grows 5’X5′.  Blooms light purple flowers in summer when it rains.  Very easy to grow but looks sticky when it gets large.
Pink Crystal
Full sun, med. growth evergreen
3′ tall to 2′ wide
Full sun medium growth evergreen
5′ Tall x 4′ Wide
Twisted Myrtle
Full sun hardy medium growth evergreen
8′ tall x 4′ wide
Umbrella Grass
Sun or shade evergreen
4′ Tall x 4′ Wide
Dwarf Myrtle
Sun to partial shade, evergreen with fragrant white flowers.  Slow growing, good low hedge.
Little John Bottle Brush
Full sun to partial shade evergreen shrub
Spreads 3′ x 3′
Regal Mist
Full sun fast growing evergreen with pink flowers in fall. Cut back in winter. 3’tall x 5′
Spotted Vitex
Sun or shade evergreen with purple flowers in summer.  6-8′ tall.
Texas Mountain Laurel
Full sun to partial shade evergreen with purple flowers spring/summer.  Slow growing
Cat’s Claw Vine
Full sun, fast growing, semi-deciduous vine with yellow trumpet flowers in spring.  Attaches to walls
Flame Seedless Grapes
Full sun medium growth deciduous vine. Hardy to 5 degrees.
Torch Glow Bougainvillea
Full sun evergreen, long bloom season.
5′ tall – no support needed. Hardy to 32 degrees
Peace Lily
Medium growing full shade clumping evergreen.
Tropical Bird of Paradise
Full shade to partial shade (no afternoon sun)
Variegated Agave
Full sun medium growth succulen
Up to 3′ tall, hardy to 26 degrees
Tiger Aloe
Shade to partial evergreen succulent with pink flowers nearly all year.  1′ tall x 2′ wide
Octopus Agave
Full sun evergreen succulent with large twisted leaves.  4′ x 5′
spanish dagger
Spanish Dagger
Full sun slow growing evergreen, flowers in summer. 10′ x 8′.
Our Lords Candle
Full sun slow growing, blooms in summer- plant dies after flowering
Blue Yucca
Full sun medium growth evergreen with dense spikes of white flowers.  12’tallx5′
Fish Hook Barrel Cactus
Full sun fast growing evergreen with flowers on and off.  4′ tall x 3′
Convolvulus Sabatius - Blue Ground Morning Glory
Convolvulus Sabatius –
Blue Ground Morning Glory
6″ tall x 2-3′ W.  Blooms spring through summer.  Full sun, good drainage, fast growing.
Coral Fountain Grass
Russelia Equisetiformis
Medium growing evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves and coral flowers that blooms almost all year.  3″t x3″ w.  Full sun, needs water and good drainaige.
Canna Lilly
Fast growing deciduous bulb.  Can take full sun but does better in afternoon shade in Arizona.  Grows 4-6′ high and spreads.  Cut back if frost bitten in winter and will come back.   Can bloom all year if protected from frost.
Queens Wreath
Antigonon Leptopus
15’x15′ twining deciduous vine. Medium green leaves with pink or white flowers summer to fall.  Dies in frost and grows back in spring.  Can take heat and full sun. Low litter -great for pools and walls.
Lilac Vine
Hardenbergia violacea
Winter Color, full sun to partial shade. 15′ tall x 10’wide.  Purple cluster flowers winter to spring.  Fast growing twining evergreen, low litter, no thorns, needs well draineds soil.
Primrose Jasmine
Jasminum Mesnyi
10’h x6’w sprawling vine.  Winter color blooms late winter through spring.  Fast growing evergreen, low litter, full sun to partial shade, moderate water, no thorns.
Yucca Vine
Merremia aurea
Summer Color 10’x10′ twining vine, full sun, blooms summer to fall, dies back in winter 21-30° and comes back in spring.  Moderate growth, seasonal litter, no thorns, low water use. Great around pools.
pink_trumpet_vine_ricasolianaPink Trumpet Vine
Podranea ricasoliana
20’hx10’w twining vine.  Summer color blooms late summer through fall, lightly fragrant.  Full sun to partial shade, semi-evergreen to 25 °, low water, seasonal litter, moderate growth.
Cats Claw Vine
Macfadyena unguis-cati
Fast growing, twining evergreen vine 25’wX15’h.  Full, reflective sun.  Great to cool walls and add depth to yard.  High litter, spring blooms.  Low water.  Will damage house.

Easter Egg Emu Eremophila Racemosa plant
Easter Egg Emu
Eremophila Racemosa
Fast growing, full sun, evergreen shrub with winter/spring flowers.

Damianita Chrysactinia mexicana
Damianita Chrysactinia mexicana
Low mounding evergreen shrub. 12″x24″ full sun or light shade. Blooms April to September
Ice Plant YellowYellow Ice Plant
Malephora LuteolaFast growing spreading succulent.  Full sun.
Purple Trailing Ice Plant -Delosperma CooperiPurple Trailing Ice Plant
Delosperma Cooperi
Fast growing spreading succulent.  Full sun.
Hearts and Flowers -Aptenia Cordifolia
Hearts and Flowers
Hearts and Flowers -Aptenia CordifoliaFast growing perennial ground cover succulent. Partial shade.
Star Jasmine VineStar Jasmine
Trachelospermum Jasminoides
Fast growing evergreen vine or shrub.  Full sun but does better in afternoon shade.  Amazing smell for walkways or windows.